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someone sent me this link to an unusual auction... Kay Hammond, Internet Entrepreneur ... weird...

Here's what she's written about herself...
24 year old Internet entrepreneur looking for a husband.
Candidates must be male, a British citizen living in the UK, aged 24-35, and meet basic health requirements.

Why am I auctioning my hand in marriage?

Marriage is the one ambition I have yet to achieve.
So often I have commented to my friends, family and colleagues that I never have the time to meet any men. I have been working on my business,, ever since I was 17. I work a twelve hour day, seven days a week, so I've been pretty busy over the last 6 years!

I thought that by creating an online auction I would be able to reach as many men as possible and hopefully prove that the Internet is not full of cyber-geeks, there are normal people out there, and I'm looking for one as a husband!

All bids will be taken seriously, and I will marry the winner.

... is everything on sale this xmas?
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