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I met a lot of people last night... old friends and classmates... the ones I've been thinking about earlier... one of them, has three kids and the fourth on it's way... and he was out drinking...

another one, still approaches females as he did when we used to party together... dirty suggestions, and sometimes even insults... but some of them seems to have a kink for that kind of stuff... because he obviously gets laid a lot... we used to go by the name "beauty and the beast"... I wasn't the beast...

yet another one, tried to make himself funny over something that happened to me a few years ago, where I ended up being prosecuted and convicted for hitting a person (the police would never test me for drugs even though I insisted, friends that have been drugged on pubs said my description of what I felt was just about what they had been through; assaults, rapes). 1 month in jail, but it was converted to 1 month electronic supervision... I had my own 'tamagotchi', it required as much attention... I told him that it wasn't all that funny at all, that I was ashamed of what I'd done, but that I'd served my time... and that people shouldn't go spreading rumors, but instead come asking me about it if they were curious... he told be that he beat up people every now and then for fun... and gets away with it... and laughed about it... I despise him from now on. he's an evil soulless s.o.b. that have no respect for people.

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