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... the cleaning lady at the office just came to tell me about her daughters boyfriend (a British bloke) who contracted malaria on a trip to Bali... at the local primary care center they refused to examine him, just suggested that he'd take a few aspirins and go home and wait... "it's just a cold"...

today, he passed out a few times and was taken to the hospital emergency room, where they examined him and put him on fluids and such... and the result cam this afternoon, malaria. The guy had been home for five days, symptoms started four days ago with fever around 40.5°C (104.9 F), first visit at the primary care center three days... but they didn't care to even ask if they had been abroad...

I don't trust the primary care centers what so ever... when I was 15 something I crashed with a moped, bending my right leg/knee the wrong way... at the care center I got an ear-nose-throat doctor who... bent and pinched my knee... and suggested to take aspirin and then wrote a prescription for penicillin... ?!! yep, not even x-rayed... I could as well have been examined by the janitor guy...

If I'll get sick or ill or anything that would require medical treatment, I'll head straight for the ER... atleast they know what they're doing.

(Side note: the local hospital goes in public by a name that would translate to "slaughterhouse".)
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