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I like this... reaction, atleast...

Finally, after some 20+ forwarded mail to postmaster/abuse/hostmaster at different nets i got this...

Dear Internet Correspondent:

Thank you for your feedback.
You are receiving this automatically generated message to acknowledge that your mail has been received.

Postmaster can assist you regarding Unsolicited Commercial Email, Spamming, Harassment, and Hacking that was generated by customers from within our domain.

If you have not already done so, you will need to forward a copy of the original message including all header information(ip address, date, time and time zone). Send this information to POSTMASTER@XXXXXXX.NET. We will need this information in order to assist you further.

In many cases, if the email header has not been altered, you can determine the originating domain by reviewing the last Received header line.

To learn more about Internet abuse and the postmaster role, please visit:

Our goal is to process all mail sent to postmaster within 24 hours of receipt and, when necessary, to personally follow up on mail we have received.

Note that all correspondence, comments, or complaints should be sent to 'POSTMASTER@XXXXXXXXX.NET'. Please be advised that '' is not a valid reply-to address for e-mail communications relating to the subject matter of this message.

Thank You,
Postmaster Team

and at the same time i got another from the same network...

An incident reported by you has been updated. Sev: 4
The incident # is listed below. Do not respond to this e-mail.
For Account: CSSEMAIL Incident Number: XXXXXXX Status: RESOLVED
Last Updated: Sat, 17 NOV 2001 09:21:43 (-0500 GMT) PROBLEM UPDATED

Summary: s-p-a-m [XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXX]

RESP 11/17/01 09:21:52

The problem you submitted has already been reported.
We will attach your email address to the original record.
You will receive updates via email when we add text to the record.
When replying via email, do not alter the reference id in the subject
line and send only new information, do not send entire note again.
Do not send attachments, graphics or images.

hopefully this will stop a few spammers... many more to go...
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