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party party...

... Nick just called... about the evenings events... we're gathering in a few hours... I guess we will be around four or five guys... it's gonna be fun...

... called my brother earlier, just to bother him and to wake him up... talked for an hour or something like that...

... I dreamt a really strange dream this morning.. I told my brother about it and he said that I really are "disturbed"... I woke up laughing... the dream was about me living in a really shitty apartment somewhere, on ground level... and i got a visit in the middle of the night from a friend who though that I should come out and play... party that is... and while I was out, I got burglarized... the whole apartment was emptied of everything that was worth anything... all my computers... all my CDs, all U2 CDs, TV,video and dvd... everything... I wondered around in the apartment for a while, then the crook came back to carry away the rest of it... I threw myself at him and wrestled him down on the floor... then he turned into a bird, a dove... that was lying on the floor twitching in death rattle, I thought "damn, I killed him... "... then the bird turned into a largish shrimp of some sort.. that run around in the apartment, screaming...

I really must be disturbed in some way... no normal person would ever dream such a dream...

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