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... ago I mailed the people at ISPs in the US, supposedly they are often used by spammers... and ... I hope they cancel this poor lusers accounts... from the mail headers in one of the spam mails I got I could read out the username or possibly the computer name from the machine that sent the email... LIAM... a dude possibly named Liam thinks that it is fun for people to receive 5+ email every bloody day, that will go right into the 'deleted' folder... without ever being opened. Apparently he's using a Windows NT machine...

I'll continue to pester the mailmasters, hostmasters and NOCs of the networks where the spam mails are originating from... LJ addresses seems to be drifting on the net in a file named Vol17ready0029.txt... the full path is probably, from what i could make out of the mail headers... yes, he screwed up... C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.LIAM\My Documents\Ready_to_Send_addresses\Vol17ready0029.txt...

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