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oh yeah...

... just finished working in the other apartment... 4 hours of hard work... what made it enjoyable was Depeche Mode... Freelove... had it on repeat... I'm completely obsessed with it... I've been singing duets all the time...

... Keno is acting weird, he's got a deadline the 20th... and a shitload of stuff to code, but he's not asking for help, even though our manager has told him that I'm just waiting to be engaged in the project... if it's pride, then fuck it... if it's something else... I wish i knew...

... today I realized that a friend from IRC is working at another newspaper... a newspaper that is kind of "us"... we share projects... fun, though... the first time i heard her voice on shoutcast, i went "woohoo... whatta voice!"... since that I've been listening now and then... whenever she's broadcasting.

I had a nice long talk yesterday night with cantara... fun and stuff...

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