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Your Life-Path Number is 8
You are very concerned with success and achievement. Money and power are very appealing to you. Organized and ambitious, you have the ability to reach great heights with the proper dedication, but remember not to take others for granted along the way. You like to be in control; just make sure that you learn how to control your own emotions!

ehm... well, success and achievement are important... money are less important. organized maybe, ambitious - hell yes. my dedication is flawless (in some areas). control? huh?!

Your Forecast Number is 9
Now's the time to finish off any projects that you've been dealing with for awhile. It's a good time to take stock of everything in your life and discard what is no longer useful. Get ready to put the past behind you and start moving forward again soon.

projects... yes, that'd be great... the apartment project needs to be finished soon.

stolen from kaar and davewhat...
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