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... another week of stress starts tomorrow... hopefully I'll manage... and I really need to leave the office early, to go work at the other place in order to have the update completed before the 25th... it sucks, as Matt pushed over all the work he was supposed to do to me, preparations such as getting product images to the right size, product information/specifications... nah, he just pushed it over to me, which adds up to the double workload... he was babbling about how calm the office was... that business took care of it self... that he would only interact when needed and that he basically sat the whole days watching TV... oh, well... I promised to help them do the update for a specified amount per hour... when I'm done with it... my price is gonna sky rocket for them... next time, they're gonna have to pay me double. minimum.

Note to self: stop being all that nice.

I talked to my brother about ordering a couple of CD's from abroad... Henry Rollins - Think Tank... and other spoken word CD's where he appear... bro wants to have anything that i order, so it's double order... the ultimate would be if i could get all articles from the same online store, and we'd split the freight costs...

... time for bed, me thinks.

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