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I've put in some three and a half hours today... tearing down wallpaper, plastering and sanding walls and covering up the wooden tile floor... I tore down the door bell and phone cables that were nailed along the floor, ceiling and around doors... the old lady that lived there before was nearly deaf and had a very powerful door bell and even an extra one in her bed room... I think she also had one special senior citizen phone, the sort with a wireless alarm button (wears them like a wrist watch) and loudspeaker and such... there was some extra cables... when they emptied the apartment after she passed away, they just cut the lines and left them hanging...

Next time I'll gonna rip out the carpet in the hallway completely... and then paint some... I'll put up a new telephone, TP and loudspeaker cables after I've put up the wallpapers...

... but tomorrow I have to do some work at the old job... just to have something done if they come asking about it... and also to get it done... if i complete the update before the 25th this month I'll receive a sort of bonus... just in time for x-mas..

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