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To spam the spammers, wouldn't it be possible to bounce mail with faked addresses? They assume a real address is active when it doesn't bounce, but if it receives 50 bounces and out of them only one is the real one... how should they know which one? I was scanning for open SMTP servers the other night just to see how bad admins configured their servers... got 1 on the first try on a completely random network. Bad, tried a few more networks but didn't find any more servers with open relay.

In the future I'll let a linux box handle all my email, to bounce mail that are flagged as such with regular expression filters and some AI... gonna save and store all spam that hits my email accounts, for profiling and learning material for the AI hack. For every bounced email a number of stored addresses from earlier spam-senders are bounced back... that would cause them some sort of trouble... me thinks. Or else I could use my old brute-force-password-hacking-dictionaries to generate a few new addresses... or something.
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