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... fuckers...

... today was a shitty day... I was working on keeping one of our servers up, customers called and bitched about it as their customers couldn't access certain domains... our customers gave out MY direct number to their customers... and all interruptions from phone calls made it nearly impossible to get any work done... fuckers... some of them didn't even know what kind of OS they were running, neither what browser flavor/version they had...

them: "I can't access domain <insert domain here>, I've tried several times..."
me: "Is there any error message?"
them: "nah... I can't access domain... etc. etc..."

Are real people this stupid? I couldn't image that I've had to answer and explain very simple questions...

(sorry, this is not to offend anyone -- I just had to get it out of my system)

Now, I've done my laundry ... and just came home from a short visit at my parents place...

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