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a long evening...

... my dad had fallen of a ladder while working... he fell and couldn't stop his fall, sprained his heel and got well beaten and bruised.

My brother and I had already planned to visit our parents this evening but my brother called me at the office and said we should go there right away... we went there and picked up dad and drove him to the hospital... after a short visit at the radiology department (where they didn't take any family photo) for x-rays, the orthopedist came to the conclusion that dads heel was sprained after looking at the x-rays sheets. Two large cracks were visible to the naked eye.

Dad wasn't that happy about what the doctor had said, a minimum of two months on crutches... where he couldn't drive any car, walk any stairs (his computer is at the second floor) and such... and not help me with any of the renovation activities... not that I had expected any help, but still...

... going there this weekend to move dads computer to the first floor and arrange some other stuff...

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