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Nah, not really... I came home late... and was supposed to clean up my apartment... tomorrow i might get visitors... but, no... i got stuck in front of the 'puter...

I've lost the inspiration to program for the Win32 platform... it's too much to read to do some simple and basic stuff... I liked the way DOS worked... it was easy to write rather complicated programs in ASM... I got some ideas but i don't know if i have the energy to put them into real working applications... sure, i could do some quick 'n dirty hacks in VB... but that would not satisfy me... it would just be another MS bloatware...

I've searched the net for a program/service for Win NT... some kind of DNS Proxy (just a DNS proxy, I can do with out all the bells and whistles)... with minimal memory footprint... that would drop all requests to servers in a provided list... I've got +1200 hosts i would like to IGNORE... because of Ads, Flash-Banners and Cookies... they have no right of existence in my world... they just consume bandwidth and disk space... imho...

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