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... went with a friend to a nearby town to buy tools... bought stuff i need for the renovation... could not find all the stuff that i needed... so, gotta find it this week... so I can continue the work... I'm planning on moving in by the end of next month and hopefully my old apartment should be sold by then... just hopefully...

... tonight I had my parents on a short visit... first time they saw the new apartment... mom was all excited and asked me a lot of stuff... dad went around and checked out stuff... and I told about the former owners... who apparently could not handle a screwdriver but a hammer (who would notice the difference?)... and showed dad the pile on my kitchen bench... a pile of crooked screws, nails, doorknobs and other stuff that I've removed... mom had many ideas and I welcome them, because I'm all out of them.

... I'm stressed... site release tomorrow... and it's not even working... blah. I hope I can blame the customers for constantly change and add demands for functions... and some I can blame on bad planning... I tend to get thrown into every project that has a remote relation to any database or script on any of our hosted sites... in one day I can work on about 4 to 6 different projects... when I'd really need to dive into one single project and complete it before I take up on any new project. bah. tired.

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