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... fuck fuck fuck... I'm not happy with the company's decision about my departments name... it's a typical Swedish nonsense word that just describes what we're doing... nothing distinct that could tell us apart from other web content/function producing companies... to add further, they have come up with a logotype that's plain boring... it was probably just a dummy name that stuck...

... all the talk about that our department had to profile itself towards external customers feels like bullshit... we're not profiling anything... we just got sucked back in to the big grey matter...

... I just got my visit card template, for proofreading... it sucks. I'm gonna put my "OK" on it but also a note of my opinion about the logo... and the name... now, someone wanted to have the logo and signature as a stationary in their email client... HTML in emails makes me physically ill.

I won't use my cards. ever.

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