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-United Airlines-

United Airlines 175 -  Boston to LAX - left Boston at 8:14am EST 
plane down - location unknown

United Airlines 93 - Newark to SF - left Newark at 8:42am EST
plane down - Pennsylvania - 80 miles SE of Pittsburgh 
Somerset County Airport
Boeing 757

-American Airlines -
Flight 11 ... Boeing 767 ...  Boston to Los Angeles
81 passengers, 9 flight attendants, 2 pilots

Flight 77 ... Boeing 757 ... Washington Dulles to Los Angeles
58 passengers, 4 flight attendants, 2 pilots

American Airlines total 156 passengers

Both American Airlines flights CONFIRMED
to have been used in at least one of the crashes at the WTC.


22 International Flights - Inbound - being allowed to land in the U.S.

Plane has hit the Pentagon - assumed United Flight 175 (unconfirmed)
collapsed with a "chasm" 200-300 feet across, and fires on 6 stories

Both World Trade Center towers have collapsed. 

Tower #2 collapsed first. 

President Bush @ Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana


Rumors of 5 total hijackings around the world today. (4 confirmed)
Reports of F-16's patrolling the NYC area
Reports of bombs in NYC area near WTC
possible hijackings of 2 British planes
possible 3 planes towards West Coast ... waiting for info
report of smoke in NYC city hall subway station
plane sighted over DC Capitol building but "veered away" and disappeared
reports of evacuation of lower manhattan because of the suspected gas leak


UN Building evacuated.
White House and Capitol evacuated.
US Embassies evacuated and guarded around the world.
International government buildings stepping up security around the world.

Israel evacuated all missions and sending aid to the U.S

Sears Tower in Chicago, Seattle Space Needles, other high profile buildings shut down.
Most Federal Buildings are undergoing evacuation and lockdown.
Kennedy Space Center has been closed.
NYSE shut down. Trading halted til Monday.
OTAN in Belgium has been evacuated.
European Union buidings in Brussels have been evacuated.

Border closures:
Canada / United States
Mexico / United States

All airports have been shut down in the following countries:
United States
Israel (allowing with security clearance)
UK (various locations around London being shut as well)


To check on family members, please call 1.877.RED.CROSS for information.

Please ONLY call to check on family in World Trade Center and Pentagon Disasters.

Australians who have relatives etc in the US  on planes, 1300 555 135

1 800 245 0999 is the American Airlines hotline - Please use only in emergencies!

0207 008 0000 - UK Emergency Hotline

212 604 7285 - St. Vincent's Hospital in Greenwich Village NYC
please only call to locate loved ones

American ressortissant from France -  crisis phone number : 0145558000

Donors who wish to give blood are encouraged to call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE

Phone lines around the East Coast are tied up, 
please only call into the area in emergency situations, 
to allow phone lines to be free for emergency use.

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