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back on track...

... at work... have spent most of the day coding scripts and reading the IBM WebSphere Payment Manager manual... setting up a payment system for one of our customers... it's both simple and complicated... I understand what needs to be done... but IBM tends to complicate stuff rather than simplify them... that sucks.

Well, tonite I'm gonna work in the new apartment... measure everything... so I don't need to crawl around later taking measures... and it will simplify calculations for wallpapers and carpeting materials... I'm gonna get a large bucket of white paint to roll the ceiling in the whole apartment... is has some sort of white-yellowish shade... gotta cover that before putting up wallpapers... and then finish with the floors... half of the apartments floors needs to be replaced... the previous owner must have been a real klutz on workmanship... things like the kornisch (spelling?) boxes (instead of regular curtain rods, popular in Sweden during the fifties and sixties) above the windows... that are put up with overdimensioned screws... and sometimes with nails... oversized nails to hang paintings and frames and such...

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