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Some sucker that started begging for OP in one of my channels on DAL net...

<nlz> i have op. in over 23 channels .. but i stay only in some of them just because i like the kind of people that join these sites .. and u r stupid u dont want to have binifits out of me
<sleepy> nope. you're right... I don't need no benefits... because I got what I need.
<nlz> i only wanna make a new friend that's all, i am not begging for some money !!
<sleepy> well, come by some other day... when I'm in a better mood... or something.
<nlz> u r donkey .. i am a kuwaiti .. i dont wait for ur fukken mode to get clear .. eat ur shet and shut ur face .. ur channel is a camels channel
<nlz> i will buy ur server after a few days
<nlz> and i want any fukken dog of u just to try to get in it ..
<sleepy> well, then... I wish you good luck. Dalnet is made up of about +30 servers around the world... I don't think you can buy them all..
<nlz> its my fault to talk to some dog like u .. stupid .. seilly.. fukken-head.. i'll kick ur ass with my big finger .. u will reach the moon
<sleepy> first. learn how to spell. second. your mommy is a dog.
<nlz> u r stupid monkey and i am a hucker .. i will kick ur nose with my sports shoes.. and u will eat it .. too .. i think u will find it marvellous
<sleepy> what are you talking about?
<nlz> ur underware

slash-ignore. over and out.

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