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... sick and home all day... spent it with Jenny and Ricki... as in Jenny Jones and Ricki Lake ... and other shows they run in the middle of the day... as I don't see it that often I decided to watch their shows... I think the Jenny Jones show held somewhat higher standards that Ricki Lake's ... at Jenny's, the guests wasn't allowed to holler and shout... and in general the guests and the audience seemed to be selected from a more educated crowd... but still, guests on both shows seem to have grave personal, social and attitude problems... now, I know what the shows are all about... I don't ever need to see them again... it's just a waste of time...

I called in sick today, Mr C sounded a bit worried... not over me but the projects I've been working on, he asked me if I'd back tomorrow... probably, I replied... I'm tangled up in way too many projects and things are happening too fast... I gotta have a few days off, to recharge and wind down... I got this Friday off, I'll seal the apartment deal and will get the keys to the apartment and then take off somewhere... and return Tuesday, next week... I'm gonna 'disappear' for a while... or atleast for a weekend.

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