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it's all quiet, no sounds that hurts, nothing hurts, nothing's broken, not even a head ache.
I'm trying to figure out if I'm at home or not, I don't recognize the sounds... but when i popped open my eyes I quickly realized that I woke up in my own bed in my own apartment... and that this was only one planned event out of several. It all started early Saturday before noon, I was expected to go to the office to do some work, get a bottle of white wine to the hostess and such. The work went on fine and we finished long before the allocated time was up, I had all the things required and went home, to shower and shave... I managed to get my brother to drive me to Nicks place, pick Nick up and then transport us to the location of the party, we arrived with three packs of sausages and bread... this was the "in case of humongous starvation due to ingestion of alcohol" package... we bought sausages for all of us at the party... but for some reason, some of the girls had to go down town to a pub, probably to meet someone, the rest of us just stumbled into the waiting cab, I think we all just left... Poor Tess, she had cleaned the apartment since 8 am that morning and really put her mind to it, she found out that her 4 year old daughter had cut off all hair from all her Barbie dolls, converted all the barbies into Punk Barbies and spread the cut off hair all over her room. Tess was stressed and a little jumpy when we arrived, but then again, it was several years since we all met eachother, so I guess she was a bit nervous. All people arrived within the hour and we started eating these red insects that is cooked alive and then put in deep freeze, to be eaten in august and consumed with large amounts of alcohol. I met my brother and his friends at the pub, we were both pretty drunk and I met a lot of other friends too. Afterwards, we all went to a kebab restaurant, to do something about the humongous hunger...

Anyhow, I managed to get home without getting robbed, without loosing my backpack and jacket, wallet and mobile phone or my pinky ring, I woke up without having a hang over. I went up, started to check that everything was in place and that nothing missing.
I put the last beer that i found in my backpack in the freezer and started writing about this...

... and this was just one evenings party, next weekend it's a sort of carnival all over town... for three whole days ... let's see how next weekend turns out.
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