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... just came home... I'm all stressed up and haven't eaten anything since lunch... reading through my email, finally my inbox is empty... smoking a cigarette... yes, I know it's stupid... sue me.

I hope every company on earth that have been hit would sue Micro$oft for loss of profit and such... and then really hurt them by not buying their software... copying would be ok -- then you're already on your own.

If you buy a car, you don't wanna buy a car with a broken engine that runs on three cylinders and have no breaks, just because the paint job is nice and the horn can play the national anthem...

When installing their web server IIS they automagically toss in a completely useless package, that is supposed to be some sort of search engine, instead it's a security hole of the size of Europe... and that's what CodeRed uses to infect Winblows machines all over the net. Probably they're gonna release some sort of huge package to fix the problems... when all that has to be done is to remove two ISAPI components and HUP the server...

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