May 31st, 2007

Yeah right

Update, the first in a while

It's been a while since I last wrote anything here. I've been busy, things at work acting up, a clueless boss and major fuck-ups on a daily basis.

I got myself a "new" laptop, an IBM Thinkpad R31 which had Wintendo XP on it, formatted it and installed Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn, works really good and looks nice too. The old, Compaq N115, also got reformatted after I had transfered all data, scripts, pictures and documents, "restored" Wintendo XP Home on it. It will probably serve as a surf/chat-box for the kids, if they can stand the freeze-ups and wonky wireless card.

Been working on my scripts (spam hunting), rewriting them in Perl, which is much more efficient, less code and no quirky ActiveX objects to rely on. All the data, some 270Mb was ported in less than an hour. I hope I'll have the time to write some chart/diagram thingies later, to visualize the flow/pressure. The last couple of days the average is at 12000/day, I wish I had my other boxes up and running, unfortunately they are still in "storage", at my parents place.

We're moving into a yellow wooden house, I bought a condominium in February and we are set to move in at June 27. It's a nice neighborhood with lots of small houses, lots of families with kids and less to none traffic. We're gonna start packing this weekend, after all birthdays, gonna take care of all the bank/loan stuff next week or the week after that.

We got yet another cat the other week, a fluffy female. The two cats aren't getting along just yet, but it's getting better every day, they still fight a little, nothing serious, mostly running around lite ferrets on speed.

I will most probably post pictures of the house, the cats and maybe some interior+exterior of the house later.