January 17th, 2006

Yeah right

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Yesterday sucked, complete block... couldn't write anything useful. Had to postpone a deadline because of it, as I just stared at the code and really couldn't interpret it or write anything new.

A bit better today, solved the problem... still haven't committed the changes, neither submitted the export.

Soon lunch and then donating blood again, first time since may last year... they put me on hold since I did a tattoo, can't donate blood for six months if I get inked. It's something about the possibility of getting deceases... and pigments floating around.

I'm gonna be alone with the kids, Sandra got some hours and are working late, leaves at 10pm-ish. Hopefully the kids won't try to kill each other, as they are in some period of kicking and screaming.

I've refined my methods of tuning PopFile further, with a few small scripts I extract addresses directly from Thunderbird's mailboxes, sorting, sifting and then submitting them as magnets in PopFile. Tonight (after the kids have been put to bed), I'm gonna start extracting MTA addresses (mail servers) and analyze the data after resolving host names and countries... perhaps publish some sort of top lists on my web site later, top spam-host of the week and miscellaneous stats. Would be possible to track themes of spam too, or just popular words.

My sleeping habits suck, always tired.
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