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February 9th, 2004 - That chubby swede — LiveJournal
Interesting project: PHP iCalendar ... It would be handy to be able to sync from/update a centralized calendar, to keep some sort of order in my life... I forget things, lots of things... like birthdays... and anniversaries... and that annoys people...

I found out about this while playing around with the bundled software in Mac OS X... iCal... and started looking if there were any implementations of RFC2445 that specifies the format and use of iCalendar.

Ok. Next try to sleep.

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Last friday I heard from a collegue in another department... that he had put out an ad, selling a bed (natural wooden frame + 2 mattresses 90x200cm) for about €150... I told him that I was interested but was a little hesitant... he approached me today and asked if I still were interested... I'm having it delivered tomorrow evening... for only €50 ... YEAH!

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Spam gauge: 50/7

I wish I could call the number below and harass them just a little... or fax bomb them for a few hours... but that's illegal in the states... wonder if they could press charges to a non us-citizen... this also shows what their prices are... for your peace of mind.
My plan is to lower their success rate ... hopefully to less than one of a million...

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In other news... Swedish news that is... The King should abdicate... because he had a brain fart... and said something positive about the dictator of Brunei. Mistakes, people... happens even to head of states.

My personal and private opinion about the King and the Royals of Sweden; The Royals are an asset to the Swedish people, they are ambassadors of good will and counter weight to the politicians of Sweden who all have gone ape shit. The old and tarnished picture of Sweden as a model country is long gone... as our politicians have dismantled the social services to a fraction of what is once were... Politicians do fuck up over and over, get excused and do it all over again. Rinse, repeat. I wonder where this madness will stop. The King is da KING.

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