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November 24th, 2003 - That chubby swede — LiveJournal
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Went out of bed a few minutes ago... my eyes hurt from the light from the screen... I'm dizzy... gonna crawl to the office in a few minutes. Fell asleep late last night, spent about an hour in bed trying to fall asleep, only to be wide awake... went up and helped a friend on IRC figure out what was wrong with Java code... he's gonna turn it in today, if he's lucky he will get an A or a B... Java doesn't seem to be that complicated, I wrote a part without running it... he pasted it in and it ran after replacing just one statement that was pseudo code... maybe should have at Java after all...

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy
Current Music: Magnetrixx - Magnetraxx - Arn Hem Land

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Came home half an hour ago... it's been a long day... my eyes hurt... feeling drained ... gonna hit the bed real soon.

Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: Man With No Name - Interstate Highway - Visit The Moon

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