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November 19th, 2003 - That chubby swede — LiveJournal
I feel pooped, fell asleep sometimes after 3 am this morning...

here's something to laugh about atleast... http://home.no/lambthrax/endofworld.html

Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: Apoptygma Berzerk - Suffer In Silence CDM - Suffer In Silence (Icon Of Coil Mix)

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Deleted all message history in Miranda-IM... +1 years worth of daily conversations.. before backup/defragmentation the database were 4.5Mb... when done it was down to 90kb. That's what I call file-slack. Just gotta love Miranda-IM. It lets you do things.

Current Mood: calm calm
Current Music: Colony 5 - Lifeline - Suicidal

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Feeling pooped after an intense 5 hour perl session... gonna go to bed early.

Current Mood: tired tired

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