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November 13th, 2003 - That chubby swede — LiveJournal
Spam gauge: 336/2 (Spam/Real)

I sent a little message to one of the spammers last night... the URL http://www.benzmaster.com/?you_suck_mr_benoit_fantin! ... reloaded every 5 seconds (thanks Opera!)... I hope he eyes through the server logs... as he works for the company where the site is hosted... hell, I hope his work mates read the logs... I've reported his activities to his employer ... and their uplink. Still no reply.

Update (2003-11-13 15:55): It's still reloading the urls every 5 seconds...

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed

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Spam gauge: 162/3 (Spam/Real)

I've just come home... popped my mail... and surfed the regular sites I frequent... thinking about going to bed... and spend time with the latest issue of Linux Journal that came this morning... geeky. yup. I feel utterly pooped.

Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: H2O - Absorb - M (Electroversion)

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