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October 5th, 2003 - That chubby swede — LiveJournal
Yellow Submarine is really a 90 minute music video... quite cool... psychedelic and experimental...

Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: Yellow Submarine

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Went to see a friend today, hermez to be specific... had a great time, talked a lot...

Later I went to a pub with a friend to have a cup of coffee... and a bite, had a delicious minced meat pie with vegetables and such... and I have picked up a bad habit again... smoking... officially I quit smoking back in '97... but have smoked now and then... just to remind me why I quit. I'm quite certain I won't pick it up... but I've been smoking a lot... for being a non-smoker. Me bad.

Yesterday Sarah and I had planned to have a photo session, the weather sucked so we postponed it... rain check... Sarah called today to check whether I was going to see hermez or not... quite eager to get those photos taken.

Current Mood: calm calm
Current Music: Man with No Name - Moment of Truth - Evolution

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