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September 17th, 2003 - That chubby swede — LiveJournal
Downloaded and installed Spybot - Search & Destroy today on my brothers computer, he had been running Ad-Aware for a couple of months and late as last weekend... With spybot I found no less than 8 spyware/bots/dialers and such... so, Ad-Aware has become a little bit too commercial as it lets through a whole lot of malware... too much to be trusted anymore.

Update: Spam gauge: 23

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I've got this constant hissing noise in my ears... have had it since I woke up this morning... tinnitus.

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I've been coding on a recursive file indexer in VBscript, to index and track changes in the shared FTP directories I've set up for my friends... there's some traffic and file movements that's hard to track on day-to-day basis... so, the script is to create dated diff-files with symbols for added and removed files.. and regular file lists...

I'm half way there already...

At the office, I've become sort of a point man... "Christopher, examine this and that idea for possible further development... and report back within a week..." ... so, we have this vendor bound system... with proprietary interface for processing web pages for online ad booking, some bizarre ISAPI executable.. on a off limits server, that we can't check or apply updates... for all we know it could be a plain vanilla W2k/IIS installation with security holes large like small countries... it's behind a firewall though... the backend is an Oracle DBS, dunno which version, but I'm about to figure out how to do all the interfacing and graphics manipulation in perl/php/gd on a linux box instead... to get out of the arm-lock the vendor are holding us in... the user group of said software are required to pay huge amounts for small adjustments... I can understand the vendor too, but they should at least supply a definition of methods to interface with their DB, I couldn't care less about their precious DB, as long as I can interface with it...

Current Mood: calm calm
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