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September 1st, 2003 - That chubby swede — LiveJournal
.NET Messenger Service Staff 04:58: You are running a version of messenger that requires an immediate security update. Please visit http://messenger.msn.com/Help/Upgrades.aspx to complete the update.

I don't even run their sucky client...

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People on eMule are really helpful, they share just about everything...

To rebuild my firstname/lastname/username/domains lists, I've downloaded about 100+ personal addressbooks from people on eMule... just searched on WAB and got loads of hits... (Note: I do this to generate spam baits.)

this method could be used to download Win32 registries from peoples computers... containing POP3/MSN/AIM/whatnot passwords... cookies, product keys and lots of other information... yes, the information might be encrypted... but there's tools for that too...

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