November 22nd, 2001

Yeah right


I went out to have lunch at my old job, take away food... fun to hear about stuff I've been involved in ...
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Yeah right

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... in #LiveJournal on Dalnet...
[23:30] <BassHeadGuy> Do any of you have a Live Journal Access code that I could use to get a Live Journal?
[23:30] <sleepy> nope
[23:30] <BassHeadGuy> none?
[23:31] <sleepy> no, not to share.
[23:31] <BassHeadGuy> why not to share?
[23:31] <BassHeadGuy> When I get my live journal, and you need a code, i can give you mine in return
[23:31] <sleepy> bcuz i got a limited amount of them...
[23:32] <sleepy> you don't get any codes unless you're a paid user..
[23:32] <BassHeadGuy> you get one for signing up and being a member for a week
[23:32] <BassHeadGuy> and besides, you get one everymonth
[23:32] *** Joins: Nicklon (
[23:33] <Nicklon> anyone have a livejournal code?
[23:33] <sleepy> still no.
[23:33] <BassHeadGuy> but if you get one every month, you can just le me use one this month
[23:33] <BassHeadGuy> why are you going to do with the codes everymonth?
[23:33] <BassHeadGuy> what*
[23:34] <sleepy> I give mine to people i know... no others..
[23:34] <Nicklon> where would be another good scource?
[23:34] <BassHeadGuy> yeah
[23:35] <BassHeadGuy> if ur too greedy to let me use one to spread the service, is there anyother place?
[23:35] <Nicklon> he doesn't have to give you one, technically he is paying for them
[23:35] <Nicklon> but uh
[23:35] <BassHeadGuy> true
[23:35] <BassHeadGuy> your right
[23:35] <sleepy> *nods*
[23:35] <Nicklon> anyone you know?
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