June 18th, 2001

Yeah right


... arrived just a few minutes ago... took a taxi from the train station... felt like i didn't wanna walk through the dark park and the inner parts of town...

...got a message from my GF that two friends wanted to know where I write my diary/journal... maybe they'll join JL...

I couldn't help it, I accidentally listened in on a discussion between three guys, age 18-20 something who had two dogs with them... Pitbulls, a female and a male puppy dog. Their discussion ranged from how to train these dogs to attack other dogs (some people think that is a sport) and which of them who had to stay at home with the dogs and take them out for walks... I wish there was some kind of permit or license to own dogs...
Yeah right


... and problems... blah... I just hate our old webserver... it's a mac, figures.

Spent most of the day just keeping it alive... have repaired the database and it still keeps falling apart. it sucks. Most Generally.

Mr H and I went out for lunch, Chinese restaurant... I'm stuffed.
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Yeah right


... I sit staring at the computer... I'm empty... I don't know what to do... I'm tired... I'm gonna go to bed.
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