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... I arrived late, the coffee machine is down... no coffee until the 'coffee-man' arrives... and the people in the near by department hasn't called for service yet... It feels great, the whole apartment thing... Mr C. joked about the wallpaper/carpet choosing ritual... How he came home to his wife with 17 books of wallpaper samples and they spent several days thinking and trying combinations... I will do this all by myself, just pick some colors that go well together... first up will be laminated floor boards for the hallway... something that matches the wooden tile floor in color and texture... then I'll do the bedrooms and kitchen... in the bedrooms there's some old vinyl carpet which could be left there for the moment... the kitchen vinyl carpet is ugly, dark brown and textured, something that must have been put in during the sixties or seventies...

.. I won't rush into renovating the apartment... I'll do it little by little... I guess it'll be cheaper that way, both time and money wise..
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