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Oh, yeah... I got an offer...

... last night, a friend who's employed at a company that make/write survey software... offered me a job and a monthly salary that is about $700 more than I make now, and what I make now is really good. I'm gonna check this out, getting some more info about the company and it's economical situation... as I don't wanna change jobs and then after a couple of months get a pink slip... that would be catastrophe... no, I'm gonna visit them this week and discuss what I could do for them... maybe I could start my own business and do consulting for them...

... this guy that made me the offer is a friend from a application/system development course I took back in '98... ever since he has been calling me "the superprogrammer" and put an exponent to my name... something like Sleepy100... it's funny as I don't see myself as someone with exceptional skills... I sure know a lot of stuff, but I really don't earn all this respect.

I'm just a simple programmer who's happening to be a statistics-fetishist...
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