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... and stuff... arrived late... or at normal time... huh... if things happen at the same time every day... it becomes the "norm" I guess..

I talked to Tina about travelling and by chance I discovered that flights from a nearby town to Dublin, Ireland was about $130... and to London even cheaper... $19... and I've got some three weeks of vacation... I just have to set my mind, what to do.

Ken took the day off, just me and Tina at the office...

Hermes just called about the weekend, asking when to pick me up... gonna bring computers and stuff. I don't know what the plan is, how long or how much time we're gonna spend this weekend.

I ordered some ART, Attitude Readjustment Tools... t-shirts with the text "Available" and "Occupied" (translated) printed over the chest... and some other stuff... gonna check out some cool t-shirts at I like their stuff... coffee cups with "STFU" printed on them... attitude.

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