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unexpected meeting...

... I met my uncle and my cousins just now... they had forgot something at my parents house and had to borrow my set of keys... they had been travelling some 300 kilometers today, I just couldn't let them in into my apartment... as I am cleaning and it looks like a war zone... or as a tornado has just passed... well, I gave my uncle some directions about how to lock up and how to get there... I hope he'll manage... or else he'd call..

... I have put up a small shelf in my kitchen... to hang towels and such... I'm feeling domestic... this is the first "permanent" stuff I put up in this apartment... feels like I'm gonna stay forever... I've had like 4 addresses in the past 8 years... this time I'm gonna stay... this place rocks.

... when I had the steam up, I put up a pin-up board in the hallway... and filled it with postcards... noticed that I have received quite a few... I'm lousy at writing postcards... and even worse sending them... but that could change...

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