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dozed off...

... in the sofa after eating... I'm tired and need some more sleep I guess... overslept this morning... woke up 8.26... my alarm clock starts sounding at 6.30... I guess my neighbors heard it...

...earlier this evening, while working late, the head of marketing came by my workplace with his family, introduced them to me and explained what we are doing at my department and so on... when they left I heard the noise of the outside rain against the window... one minute later he, Mr T came back running and shouting; "it's pouring in rain, come help us!"... and it really was pouring in, in a hallway that really is a glassed-in passage over the roof there's a drain pipe which was leaking heavily... so large amounts of water flooded the wooden floor... finally, the rain calmed down and went away... and we four people crawling around on the floor soaking up water with towels... filled a bucket... if such a rain would come again it would totally ruin the wooden floor...

... I called Matt and told him that I wouldn't work tonite... that I will come and work tomorrow.

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