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... asked about a domain name I thought would be nice to have... got the reply "It's available for $25,000.00 USD (Nonnegotiable!)." ... who would pay that much, really?

Just came home... we all went to a coworkers house for some drinks and stuff... and then went on to the mini-golf area... first a ball-in-bucket exercise... and then 8 holes mini-golf... and to round off, a game of dart... my team made it to the second best... from there we had some BBQ...

... and then went down to the pub... beer... yum.

Link-of-the-day: My favorite hotel, I've never spent the night there, two sales meetings though... it has such wonderful rooms and areas, just gotta love it... take a look! Some day, I'll go there again (San Luis Obispo, CA) just to stay at the Madonna Inn.
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