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... left the office early... went home to... fall asleep...

... sorted through some 4Mb of zipped quarantined virus infected files... classified them to start some research... simple vbscript worms are gonna be dissected... they're are interesting, M$ created their fragile bubble of life when they introduced scripting abilities in just about everything... and they haven't done much to correct the situation... I wonder if they really care...

I found Hybris in atleast five different generations/variants... that's a feisty little worm... it has some interesting techniques of spreading... it picks encoded packages/plugs from the newsgroup alt.comp.virus (AFAIK) ... 128bit encryption... that can contain just about anything, if someone thinks it needs the ability to spread through napster or gnutella, it's perfectly possible to write a plug-in that does just that...

My vision of future virii is that it will be far more of it... and they will be more aggressive as it becomes easier to compose your own flavor of virii with a fairly large set of available tools... I've been in close contact with DDos zombies and other sorts of trojan horses... and they will probably also increase with time...

My little project will be to research and decompile just about everything I can get my hands on, and then I'm gonna try to write some of my own creations... of course for my own personal use -- no spreading.

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