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... LJ seems to lag on certain functions, such as the email comments... I've already replied to comments in various journals... today i got email telling my comments had been replied to... weird.

I just paid some bills, the book I ordered among other things... CSN, a Swedish government organ for study support and loans had sent me a bill for $14... paying interest on $46... bah... why can't they send me a bill for the full amount? nah, spend tax money on sending bills that are only on small amounts to annoy people... I paid the full $46...

I'm gonna talk to my boss/coordinator tomorrow about getting me an old/stashed computer from the computer grave yard in the basement... a mac... then I'm gonna get a copy of Photoshop and some other gotta-have programs... or maybe I'll just install Linux PPC on it... hopefully a G3 and a monitor...

I'm forced to work with Macs at the office... all reporters, photographers use mac, even the web site is mac driven... so I need to learn some more...

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