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Mom and dad's place...

... just came back... with laundry... mom did it for me, since the old people in this building always seems to be doing laundry... first available spot on the laundry list was June 6... a little too far away if your going out of underwear... so, mom did it for me... and i paid good for it too... so she can't claim that I'm using their washing machine without something in return...

I tried to get my brother to come with me to our parents place... apparently he had a good time last night... as I woke him up when I called him around 1:00pm this afternoon... hungover... and I guess he can recommend other people NOT to play CounterStrike when they are coming home from the pub... +10 hours online on dial-up... *g*

My granny is ill... she had been out walking, tripped and fell... possibly she has a broken arm at worst, she also had a fairly large bump on her forehead... she's staying the night at the hospital... I hope my uncle arranges care for granny's dog... a sausage named "shanny"...

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