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Certainly Monday...

... things fucked up at work, just to annoy me... I'm sure about that. the newspapers webserver was down for 3.5 hours... while we desperately tried to switch between the servers... critical services shouldn't be run on standard shitty mac G3/G4's ... that is now obvious. They can handle and serve about 50 connections concurrently, above that it starts to collect connections but can't serve them... which leads to more connections... which it can't serve... snowball effect...

I've been playing around with mySQL, PHP and Lasso today... after correcting a broken Mandrake Linux installation... I've spent most of the day in the server room, which was quite chilly, some 12° C... as the optimist I am, I went to work in jeans and t-shirt... even as the sky was grey and cloudy... "it will clear up"... now, it's drizzling rain outside... gonna wait for a while to see if it stops... of course I left my umbrella at home.

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