That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede


... the GF left an hour ago... I'm having a glass of fine whiskey... I've been thinking about how things change over time... three years ago, I was unemployed and poor, have had my apartment burglarized, had my mountain bike stolen and had been arrested and convicted for assault... I served my time at home with electronic surveillance (1 month with a "tamagotchi") and set my mind to never again end up in court, in any way...

now, I live a pleasant life, have a nice job and a lovely GF... I could never have get to the point I am today with out a shitload of luck and some stubbornness.

I get pissed at people who are just giving up on things... without a fight... my own mantra was "only you can change your situation"...

... anyway... I'm kinda bored right now... gonna kill time on IRC for a while...
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