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... b0r3d... c4n't g3t 4ny th1ng d0n3...

I'm hungry. Feed me.

I wanna start coding in assembly language again... write kick ass applications with a minimal footprint... I've been thinking about writing a LJ client with just enough features to submit entries... it would be less then 50kb...

I've set up one of my machines, installed Win98 and necessary tools and utilities, I just have to dig out the old mono-green monitor... voila, a debug monitor. It let me break in and intercept just any program that runs...

It has been a while since I programmed 'asm' actively... back then I could do just about anything with DOS... I started out with modifying simple virii ... and turned them into monsters that was hard to detect... maybe gonna do the same on the Win32 platform... just to learn how things work inside Win* ..
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