That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

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... I slept till about 3pm... I'm still tired and sleepy... yesterday night I got a call from a friend who suggested that I should come to a nearby pub and hang out with him... I was already dressed/undressed for bed... I declined and said that I'd gladly join him some other time...

This friend lost his right eye some years back... while playing with home made guns... I'm somewhat responsible for his lost eye... he holds no grudges or bitterness... but I still feel that I owe him even though he has said that I'm not... well, he's a fun guy and hanging out with him is and has always been fun...

Is there a better way to start a party night than a shotgun, a box of cartridges, a box of skeet traps and lots of beer? You'll end up fairly drunk, have a bruised shoulder but quite amused... fun.
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