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Wednesday night...

... at my parents place... helped out with a locked drawer of a large desk... mom bought it at some auction or something... and got a key with it... tried it and accidentally locked the drawer... the key didn't fit at all... so I started to work on the lock and tried different tools and objects... then an idea struck me and I went to the kitchen and got the spatula... the kind you use for pancakes... It took me about 15 seconds to pop open the locked drawer...

I'm mom's hero... :)

Dad's going to Canada next Sunday... gonna be away for about three weeks...

... on my way home we was forced to take another way, a nasty accident had blocked the road, two cars were pretty smashed up... no personal injuries... I wonder if I'm obligated to report such incidents/events to the night redaction on the news paper I work at...

doh: My brother managed to loose his cell phone in Gothenburg while visiting a friend...

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