That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

Something wierd happened yesterday... I was going to step into the shower after i had disconnected from the net, when an old girlfriend rang my door bell.

she: "hi!"
me: "ehm... hi!"
she: "can i come in?"
me: "sure... "

I let her in and we talked for a couple of hours, she asked if she could take a quick shower as she was supposed to meet a friend later and didn't had the time to go home to change.
She took a shower and got dressed and we walked to where she should meet this friend, but as it was a festival in town there was about 100k people around... so, I walked with her for another 10
or 15 minutes and then left her to go to the office for a combined cocktailparty/birthdayparty. I was late. Very late.

Somewhere in between all that, she declared that she still loves me... and that there can never be anyone else for her. What can i say? It's 6 years ago... and it didn't last that long...
I told her something like "get a life" and get over it.

Another cool detail; I met a course-mate from the nightclasses for driverslicense, she hasn't taken her license yet... so, we decided to join efforts and study together starting next week... Did I mention that she's cute?! ;)

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