That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

Blargh... I'm tired... my boss gave me an assignment just before he left the office... "find out how i can communicate with a friend using __instant messenger__" ... so now i'm searching info if it's possible to connect ICQ and AOL IM... anyway IRC seems to be the only option, there's no way i'm going to install AOL IM on one of the machines... which i have to fix when things crash...

Well, other stuff is happening... i met a course mate last friday... Ken... we had a really good time. First we had some coffee at his work, for some odd reason his desk was located exactly where i had mine before we moved our office a year ago... they moved in after us and touched up the place, removing walls and put in a new floor... good job too.. :)

We moved on to my office and sat for a couple of hours, drinking whiskey and discussing stuff and solved a couple of the worlds problems... or something like that... Ken got drunk and had to go home... I went home and stayed online to about 4am... :)

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