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Sundays suck!

Sunday means that my girlfriend have to go back to her place... and that i can't see her until next weekend.
She left less than an hour ago and I already miss her... this weekend something put us closer together, a feeling of that this is the real thing...

I hope it is...

I've been sloppy about writing journal entries... I've had too much on my mind lately... when I comes home from work I'm so tired and don't even bother to connect to the Internet to check email and write any LJ-entries... work is fun but very demanding, I have probably done 4 weeks work in just 3 weeks... and more is to come, I guess... Mr C. is constantly out selling services and projects...

The people I work with:

  • Ken — Course-mate and x-neighbor

  • Mr C. — the new boss/project mgr

  • Mr H. — cool guy and course-mate with my little brother

  • Mr J. — a fellow programmer

  • Ms T. — does graphical stuff

...a rumor says our department is gonna expand a lot this year... maybe up to 12 people... that should be fun...

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